RICK and Morty ICO


After Dan Harman’s tweet, we are fighting for the show!

Show your support to make the new season happen and be released as soon as

There have been many suggestions to collect money through an ICO. However, no  one tried to collect requests to make the idea transparent and clear.

We believe that a great project can be independent from red tape stuff of TV!

Have your say!  Submit a request for tokens of Rick and Morty ICO so that the
world gets an idea of the price fans are willing to pay.

Labu dabu dap dap!

How will ICO Rick And Morty take place?

Fundraising will start after receiving legal confirmation from the show`s creators and copyright holders about their consent to partake in the ICO. In this case, 90% of the money collected will be invested in producing new episodes. The terms and dates of the ICO shall be announced later. 

RAMT token 

(Rick and Morty ICO token)

What can be RAMT tokens value:

After announcing the ICO, the full purpose of tokens will be described

+ An opportunity to be among the first to watch new episodes online

+ An opportunity to watch ad-free episodes

+ Tokens will be able to freely circulate on cryptocurrency exchanges and P2P services, able to be bought or sold


You can purchase reqest for tockens in telegram bot (t.me/rickicobot) or press button.

This is not the obligation. Counters refresh every 15 minutes.

ICO? Tokens? WT#?

RAMT tokens will have features typical for other prosperous projects:

Limited number of tokens

Tokens will be supported for payments

Tokens will be consumed when paying for project services. Thus, the number of RAMTs will decrease with the lapse of time, which is likely to increase their price

Lets make the project happen!

For that:

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The project has just started. We are waiting for offers on cooperation at partners@rickandmorty.io

For press and media enquiries, please contact us at pr@rickandmorty.io